I help activists, organizers, healers & artists deepen connection to their own sources of power to birth the collective liberation movement globally.

Meet Sasha

I am a first generation Filipina American from New York City.  On 9/11, I watched the twin towers fall from the window of my high school homeroom. 9/11 and its aftermath inspired me to major in Middle East Studies and after studying abroad in Cairo, I made a home there.

I lived in Egypt and Palestine for most of my 20s, working with refugees and families of imprisoned hostages. I've organized workshops for children of political prisoners as well as published articles on the political economy of gender in the occupied West Bank. These experiences also gave me a personal experience of the occupation as I traveled throughout the West Bank extensively.

I am a certified Sacred Passage Death Doula with The Conscious Dying Institute. I was formerly an Ancestral Healing Practitioner with Ancestral Medicine and a psychopomp practitioner with Red Earth Healing. However my practice has diverged from my formal training in significant ways that are needed to align with collective liberation. 

My Qualifications

My maternal ancestors began persistently visiting me in dreams and inviting me to connect with them in ritual space. I began to feel resourced by my ancestors in a way I didn't expect and I learned that my life and destiny were intertwined with theirs.

After several years of relating with my own ancestors, I became an ancestral healing practitioner and then went on to be trained in advanced ritual work. My ancestors also called me to conscious dying and grief work.

i got into ancestral healing and spirit work by accident.

My Expansion

My ancestors come from the Philippines, China, Germany and the UK. I also maintain significant ties to the land spirits and powers of Egypt and Palestine in my personal ritual practice. I live with two children in Asheville, NC, ancestral home of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) people.

A Little More About Me

My life and practice is dedicated to grounding in a world where all empires fall and everyone is free -- and specifically to support each of us who is called to contribute to that world to anchor into our own power and inner wisdom to make this new world a reality.

birthing collective liberation




brought me deep comfort and strength."

"Ancestral healing sessions with Sasha 

My practice is dedicated to birthing a world in which all empires fall and everyone is free. My purpose is to support those who feel called to that vision -- to help them connect with their own personal sources of power, so that they can know what their role is in collective liberation. May we rise up powerfully as a collective playing our unique part of the liberation of every single being.



This movement requires people of everyone background, faith and identity to rise up powerfully, and I want my community to reflect that. I'm committed to economic justice and fairness, so  my offerings will always be accessible to global citizens. 

Equity & Inclusion


My practice is focused primarily on collective needs. Collective grieving. Collective ritual. Collective resourcing. Unlike the way I was trained and other traditional healing arts practitioners, I'm feeling the call for us to witness each other and rise up together again and again and again.

Collective Care


As fierce defenders of humanity and seekers of justice, we bear witness to suffering, system oppression and murder of many at the hands of colonial powers. My invitation is to keep our hearts free from hate while witness the injustice of this world. May we have fire in our bellies focused on action and change with soft hearts that radiate radical love for all.

Radical Love