I’m an ancestral healing practitioner & death doula who helps coaches, healers & organizers connect with their guides to more deeply align with their life’s purpose.

Meet Sasha

I got into this work by accident. Ancient ancestors on my mother's side started visiting me in dreams, night after night. Initially, I dismissed them because I had a complicated experience of my family growing up. Thankfully, these ancient grandmothers persisted with the dreams and eventually, I started connecting with them in ritual space.

I began to feel resourced by my ancestors in ways I didn't expect. I learned that my life and destiny are intertwined with theirs. That my life is an answered prayer. That I have the opportunity to do the work of breaking intergenerational curses and creating more goodness, wholeness and connection in my life, my family, community and the world.

I'm a certified Sacred Passage Death Doula & Conscious Dying Coach with The Conscious Dying Institute. I'm also an Ancestral Healing Practitioner with Ancestral Medicine. I am a psychopomp practitioner trained in soul & power retrieval through Red Earth Healing.

My Qualifications

I also grew in awareness of my own gifts, which are mirrored in my ancestral guides. As I began awakening to my life's purpose, they armed me (and continue to resource me) with strength and courage daily. 

After several years of relating with my own ancestors, I became an ancestral healing practitioner. When I began holding space for others, I started having initiatory experiences with specific deities and gatekeepers who were also aligned with my destiny. 

As I began deepening my relationship with my ancestors, my sense of “self” began expanding

My Expansion

I live with my husband and children in Asheville, NC, ancestral home of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) people. My ancestors come from the Philippines, China, Germany and the UK. I lived in Egypt and Palestine for several years working with refugees and political prisoners. I am deeply committed to collective liberation and dismantling white supremacy.

A Little More About Me

I am committed to supporting coaches, healers and organizers who are showing up for collective liberation.  Connection to our wise and well ancestors, the Earth,  power animals and the Divine helps us to protect and sustain our energy so that we can keep showing up for the change that is badly needed in our world today.

liberation work is spirit work




brought me deep comfort and strength."

"Ancestral healing sessions with Sasha 

My practice is committed to honesty, fairness and the old adage: “healing for all, harm to none.” Integrity means that I do what I say I'm going to do. My intentions and actions uphold life, wellness and healing for all. 



People of all faiths, backgrounds and identities are welcome here. This community practices a non-dogmatic and non-judgemental approach to the spirit world. Diversity is not only tolerated — diversity is consciously celebrated.



We intentionally create a safe space to develop our intuition and deepen connection with our guides. By sharing our own healing journeys and witnessing others, we normalize a pragmatic and supportive way to connect directly with Spirit. 



We maintain a high level of groundedness, which is an important skill for anyone on a spiritual path or engaged in an intuitive process. We are pragmatic and grounded ritualists who welcome the mystery of the cosmos and use our logical minds to create more love, healing and wholeness for all.