Deepening Connection with the Ancestors & the Divine to Birth Collective Liberation

This course and community supports individuals to connect with their guides to understand their unique role  in the global collective liberation movement.


This offering includes a weekly recorded lesson which includes at least two guided practices with invitations to deepen and three live calls per month. 



The next cohort of the medicine we carry will run live from june-august 2024.

Access to our Circle community where you can connect and discuss the work with fellow organizers, practitioners and artists.

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Each module is dedicated to a different type of spiritual connection - connection to ancestors, Earth and the Divine. Through connection with our sources of strength, we explore our medicine, cultivate resource for our medicine and embody our medicine more fully in service to collective liberation.

3 Modules

You'll have access to a weekly Q&A to ask any questions that come up for you during this process. 

Personalized Support

One discounted 1:1 session package with Sasha. 

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Students also join our community of activists, organizers, healers & artists rising up powerfully for collective liberation.

Feeling the power of the collective as you deepen in your own understanding of the medicine you carry helps us build a collective vision of our future.



In Module One, we practice deepening our intuition and awareness through meditation and journeywork. We develop our ritual skills through creating altars with intention,  relating with sacred objects and symbols as well as working with malas and mantras.


In the Module 2, we apply our ritual skills to meet and attune with the ancestors, power animals and other aspects of the Divine who are aligned with your destiny. You'll be led through several shamanic journeys and receive invitations for deepening with your connections with them. 


The final module focuses on integrating our ritual skills with a deepened connection with your guides to get clear about your gifts and affinities. With your guides, you'll create vision statements about your legacy  and the role you will play in the collective liberation movement. 

03. embodying your medicine


what I’m here to do now.

I can more fully embody

I know more of who I am and whose I am because of my work with Sasha. That my existence in this world is truly an answer to the prayers of my ancestors. Sasha has created space to remember and relate with those who came before me so that I can more fully embody what I’m here to do now.

course opens 15 may with course  preview. live call calls begin .the first week of june




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Includes: 9 Live Calls, 9 Recorded Lessons, 25+ Journeys & Guided Meditations, 30+ Reflection & Integration Exercises & the opportunity to connect with our awesome community members.

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That'’s ok. Like meditation, the skill of connecting with ancestors and guides is one that can be learned and practiced.  I've not yet met one person that could not develop this ability.

I don’t think of myself as an especially intuitive person… What if I’m not able to connect with my ancestors, guides, power animals, etc?



It's true that this work has many names. While I don't tend to reach for the word "shamanism," it can sometimes be the most recognizable word to describe this work, which inherently recognizes the connection between the everyday and the sacred, the physical world and the spirit world, the seen and the unseen, etc. Usually, I call this work "ritual work," because through rituals, we stand on thresholds that open us up to deeper awareness of ourselves, our emotions and experiences. 

what do you call this work?



The weekly Q&As alternate every other week to accommodate different time zones and schedules. The alternating times are: Wednesdays at 8pm ET and Sundays at 10am ET. You can attend as many Q&As as you'd like. You'll have access to the weekly Q&As for the first six months, with the possibility to extend if you'd like.




Students enrolled in the course and community receive a  one-time 20% discount on 1:1 session with me. Students also have access to advanced ritual healing sessions that I don't offer to the general public including: power animal and soul retrieval sessions.

what is the discount offered for a 1:1 session after enrollment?



My practice inherently recognizes the goodness in each individual and aims to help people connect with their own source of goodness, healing and love. As diverse as the Earth is (from the mountain peaks and valleys to the vast rivers, oceans and beyond), I believe that each of us can have a similarly diverse experiences of the Divine that are aligned with our inherent gifts and affinities. 

Is your practice tied to a specific belief or tradition?



People of all faiths, backgrounds and identities are welcome in this work. The spirit of this work is animist in nature, acknowledging the sacredness of all that is. Whether that be the rocks deeply planted in the Earth's core, the lions roaming the savannah, the ancient rainforests of the Amazon to the vast cosmos - that there is goodness, intelligence, creativity and divinity all around us. 

Do you work with people from different faiths?



Kindness. That's tough, and I can relate a bit. I would recommend going slowly and beginning with the ancestral lineage that is most well in spirit first. Once the Ancestral Guide of that lineage is online, you will be more resourced to continue the work.

I had a bad experience growing up with my family of origin, and I’m a little scared to do ancestral work. What would you recommend?



Yes. Several of my clients who have no knowledge of their blood ancestors go on to have wonderful and vibrant relationships with their Ancestors. For many, it is a deeply healing and nourishing experience.

I am adopted and don’t know anything about my blood ancestors, but I’m curious. Could you help me connect with them?



All of us inherit some level of ancestral trouble or grief that is ours to work through. Until you begin engaging with your own Ancestors and Guides, it's hard to know if the unhelpful pattern (or curse) is tightly bound or not. Most of the time, our Ancestral Guides with our helping spirits can do the work of unraveling the unhelpful dynamic. If the pattern is particularly stubborn or deeply embedded, advanced ritual work could be needed. 

I feel like I’m cursed or unlucky. Can you help?



Please note that I offer a certain number of low-income sessions per month as well as a discount for the course/ entrance into the community. Please reach out for more details:

I'm struggling financially. Do you offer any assistance?



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