Deepening Connection With Ancestors. Power Animals & Other Helping Spirits for Collective liberation.

The Medicine We Carry

Every person has specific ancestors, power animals and helping spirits that are aligned with their destiny and available to support them in their journey. Through my course, The Medicine We Carry, I help people make direct contact with their guides and deepen that connection over time. Students also join a community of ritualists who are actively developing their intuition, deepening their relationship to Source and engaging with their own healing journeys in a grounded, ritually safe way. The course is offered on an ongoing basis (start anytime) with lifetime access to resources as well as community support, which includes weekly Q&As with myself and monthly community rituals. 

I’m an ancestral healing practitioner and death doula who helps coaches, healers & organizers connect with their guides to more deeply align with their life’s purpose.



My goal is to help my clients maximize comfort, care and connection so that they can take their last breaths with grace, dignity and ease.

My signature care experience includes support navigating EOL choices, client care sessions, legacy projects and support for loved ones. There are also a few a la carte services that can be added if desired.

End of Life Care

You'll be guided to have a direct experience of your ancestral guides, who are aligned with your life's path and can facilitate healing for you personally and other descendants in the lineage.

To the students of my course, The Medicine We Carry, I also offer ritual healing sessions which are customized rituals where I journey with my helping spirits on behalf of the client.



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