Garnering Support from the Spirits of the Land


August 16, 2023

When you thrive in a place, you do so with the blessing of the spirits of land there (whether you acknowledge them or not).

And my family and I are thriving here in Asheville.

Especially in the last year or so, I feel in constant communication with this land. Last spring, when I was having a breakthrough with an old childhood wound, I worked with the land here to resource me during that time and they were supportive and generous with me.

One evening in particular stands out. I was talking with my husband about how I shared some uncomfortable truths with someone important to me, and I was describing to him how I could feel physically bigger and stronger. Like my bravery was extending the edges of my physical body.

Less than one hour later, three yearling black bears came through our backyard. It was the first time that I ever saw a black bear in our backyard – let alone three! I watched the bears play with our children’s water table, drink from our foundation and mosey on down back to the forest behind our home.

I went into my office and I started drumming. I asked the land spirits if these two events were related. They were and they just had a simple message for me, “You’re brave.”

There have been other times when I see specific animals that are also carrying meaning and messages to me.

Gratitude and respect to our ancestors of place here, the Tsalagi (Cherokee) people and their descendants.

Gratitude to these mountains who are hundreds of millions of years old, who are generous in spirit and continue to support an abundance of life. 

Gratitude to the river here which has been in course for hundreds of millions of years as well. A meeting place for humans and other than humans… a place of nourishment and healing. 

Acknowledgement to our other-than-human kin who are still on this land and those who lived on this land many years ago… the black bear, the beavers, the elk, the river otter, the falcon, the crow, the corn snake, the bobcat and so many more. May their ancestors and descendants be blessed.

sessions with Sasha were a delight and a balm for my soul.

"ancestral healing

I am left feeling so much more grounded, connected to my ancestors, and held by the universe. Sasha held our time together with so much depth and good humor. She makes the whole enterprise into an expansive adventure. I can’t recommend this journey enough.




August 16, 2023

The kids were asleep and it was later in the evening. My mother and I were alone in my kitchen. I watched in amazement as she continued to deny my childhood experiences that brought up so much hurt and tenderness for me. I could feel myself start to retreat and I wanted to withdraw.  It […]