What is a Psychopomp?


August 15, 2023

I usually get a raised eyebrow when I introduce this word into a conversation. There are many ways to talk about the role and work of a Psychopomp. Here are some words and phrases that are related to Psychopomp: Death Walking, Shamanic healing, Soul retrieval.

Simply put, the role of a Psychopomp is to help move someo from a place of stuckness to liberation at the death portal. Practically, what this looks like a lot of times is helping an unwell deceased (disincarnate) person to achieve some level of acceptance, unconditional love, support etc and continue moving to their next journey.

Unhealthy attachments can keep people stuck. Unhealthy attachments to relationships, places, addictions and other can keep a soul stuck. Psychopomps are soul guides or soul protectors that help souls to become unstuck and exercise sovereignty. This process often involves extraction (or in more serious cases, depossession) of the harmful attachment and soul retrieval, which calls back the innate light and affinity of the person back to their soul and body.

Sometimes this work is used for people who are alive, which is often called shamanic healing, but the principles and modality are similar. What is unhelpful or unwanted is taken out and replaced with healing, love and acceptance.

It’s my experience that the process benefits greatly when the client (or the one seeking help) is actively engaged in their healing journey. Unhealthy attachments might be hard to break but a willingness to end the attachment can be very powerful.

sessions with Sasha were a delight and a balm for my soul.

"ancestral healing

I am left feeling so much more grounded, connected to my ancestors, and held by the universe. Sasha held our time together with so much depth and good humor. She makes the whole enterprise into an expansive adventure. I can’t recommend this journey enough.




August 16, 2023

The kids were asleep and it was later in the evening. My mother and I were alone in my kitchen. I watched in amazement as she continued to deny my childhood experiences that brought up so much hurt and tenderness for me. I could feel myself start to retreat and I wanted to withdraw.  It […]